Based on consideration of the issues and opportunities identified through analysis of corridor conditions, as well as many conversations with the public and stakeholders, a planning Vision for Eglinton has emerged.

The Vision that will shape plan development for EGLINTONconnects is based on two interconnected values:

An Avenue for The 21st Century:

This is an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate that a major transit avenue can respond to the emerging challenges and demands of a 21st century city with a bold and progressive identity that enhances the quality of life for all who live, work, shop and travel on Eglinton.

Diversity as Strength:

Diversity is one of the hallmarks of Eglinton – diversity of people, activities, built form, natural spaces, streetscapes and opportunities. The vision for Eglinton is also based on the concept of diversity, recognizing that this major avenue plays a wide variety of roles in relationship to the surrounding communities that it serves at the local, city and regional levels.

The Vision recognizes the evolution of Eglinton to the present day and articulates aspirations for the future. Moving forward, the Vision will guide the activities of the final phases of the EGLINTONconnects study, which will explore a number of significant planning and design opportunities, as well as identify implementation strategies.

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