Study Basics

The EGLINTONconnects Planning Study covers the 19 kilometre long portion of Eglinton Avenue between Jane Street and Kennedy Road that will undergo significant transformation and intensification over the next few decades, including as a result of the Crosstown. The transformation of Eglinton Avenue will be gradual, commencing with the construction of the Crosstown below-grade tunnel and stations. As the Crosstown stations are developed, the streetscape at the station areas will be rebuilt to reflect new opportunities. Segments of the right-of-way between stations will be improved as funds are made available to create a continuous, integrated streetscape.

EGLINTONconnects proposes balanced mobility and provides guidance for future growth. The vision presented by the Study will guide the evolution of this important Avenue in becoming livelier, more attractive and more people-friendly while responding to the anticipated growth.

Study process diagram

Study process diagram. Click to enlarge

The Study process and major work components are outlined above. The public engagement strategy for the Study recognizes the broad range of interests within the corridor by providing many different ways for people to participate and contribute ideas. The process has also been designed to meet the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process.

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