Policy Framework

Two key Province of Ontario policy documents provide direction for planning to municipalities in Ontario. These are The Provincial Policy Statement and Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The diagram below displays the geographic coverage and relationship of these and other key policy documents.

The relationship of key policy documents to the Eglinton Connects Study

The relationship of key policy documents to the Eglinton Connects Study. Click to enlarge

The City of Toronto Official Plan focuses on city-building and outlines policies designed to create transit-oriented, mixed use centres and transportation corridors with a goal to build better communities and strengthen economic conditions. Growth is directed to areas that are well served by transit, the existing road network and existing infrastructure, such as the Downtown, Centres, Employment Districts, and along the Avenues.

Avenues are identified in the Official Plan as corridors where transit-supportive reurbanization is intended to create new jobs and housing while improving local streetscapes, infrastructure and amenities. Avenues are intended to accommodate significant amounts of development as Toronto continues to grow. Eglinton is predominantly shown as an Avenue in the Official Plan (Map 2, Urban Structure).

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