Mid-Rise Buildings

Mid-rise buildings (4 – 11 storeys) are appropriate along the portions of Eglinton that are identified as an Avenue in the Official Plan. Along these portions of Eglinton, most properties are deep enough that there is room for a mid-rise building to be constructed.

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In some areas, for example where the lots are too shallow, mechanisms may be needed to encourage appropriate mid-rise built form. Neighbourhood Transition Zones could provide a separation between the mid-rise building and the houses behind, by allowing the mid-rise development site to include the property behind. This additional property would be used for a laneway, public parking, and a landscape buffer.

Neighbourhood Transition Zones may be appropriate in the following situations:

– Areas where a mid-rise building cannot achieve the height it would otherwise have due to shallow property depths
– Areas where a Neighbourhood Transition Zone would help create or widen a rear lane system
– Areas where a Neighbourhood Transition Zone would allow a wider sidewalk at the front of the mid-rise building.

Focus Areas

Six Focus Areas (Westside, Dufferin, Bayview, Laird, Don Mills and Golden Mile) have been identified along Eglinton where taller buildings may be appropriate.

Map of the Focus Areas. Click to enlarge

Map of the Focus Areas. Click to enlarge

These are areas that have a significant capacity to accommodate future residential, mixed-use or employment growth. Common issues and opportunities for Focus Areas are as follows:

• Provide open spaces and plazas at station entrances wherever possible
• Enhance pedestrian realm through trees and greening
• Create new connections through large blocks
• Create new green space/ amenities with new development
• Provide variety of residential unit sizes and incentives/regulations for affordability
• Provide variety of commercial and offi ce unit sizes and incentives
• Redevelop surface parking lots
• Encourage active street-related uses (e.g. retail) along Eglinton
• Sustainable, high quality architecture and design
• Need for new community services and facilities in areas where there will be redevelopment to avoid overtaxing existing services
• Integrate community services into new development and ensure they are accessible through transit, walking and cycling
• Need for long-term phasing strategies

Station Areas

• Each Crosstown station provides site specific opportunities including the potential for new development above and/or beside the station.
• There is an opportunity to create public open spaces and amenities for transit riders and the community by integrating plazas and open space with station entrances, especially at some of the underground stations.
• There may also be opportunity for private development in concert with station entrances through agreements with Metrolinx.
• Some station areas also overlap with the Focus Areas, where there are opportunities to consider a mix of building heights including taller buildings.

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