Toronto’s centre of gravity is moving north. Eglinton Avenue has always been a significant east-west arterial but with the investment in the Crosstown light rail transit, its role in the evolution of the city will shift. In the future, more people will live, work, shop, play, and enjoy nature along Eglinton.

The Eglinton Corridor showing ravines and planned above and below ground Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations.

The Eglinton Corridor showing ravines and planned above and below ground Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations. Click to enlarge

Eglinton Avenue spans 26 kilometres across the centre of Toronto, from Kingston Road near Lake Ontario in the east to the Pearson Airport in the west. As one of the city’s traditional main streets, it provides a focus for local neighbourhoods, employment, and shopping, and it links some of the City’s major ravines.

EGLINTONconnects is the City of Toronto’s comprehensive planning study which is developing a vision for the future of Eglinton Avenue through public consultation, analysis of past and present conditions, review of growth drivers, and interdivisional collaboration.

Map of the Eglinton Connects Study area

Map of the Eglinton Connects Study area. Click to enlarge

The Study area covers the 19 kilometre portion of Eglinton where the Crosstown is currently funded: from Jane Street to Kennedy Road. Two concurrent Mobility Hub Studies at Mount Dennis and Kennedy are excluded from this Study, as is the Yonge-Eglinton Centre.

The outcomes of the EGLINTONconnects Planning Study will be:

• A Vision for Eglinton Avenue to inform future growth
• A Public Realm/Streetscape Plan, which will be implemented incrementally over time, beginning with the Crosstown station areas.
• A Transportation Study (Municipal Class Environmental Assessment) to design the roadway for the segment of Eglinton where the Crosstown will be running underground (Black Creek Drive to Brentcliffe Road).
• Updated Planning Tools – such as recommendations for Policy or Zoning By-law changes to implement the Vision
• Co-ordinated review of the Crosstown station site plans that are being prepared by Metrolinx.

The Study process, analysis and outcomes have been organized into three themes: Building Eglinton, Greening Eglinton and Travelling Eglinton.

The subheadings above are in the general order of the print version of the executive summary. Continue on by clicking Eglinton Story.